Tincomaris Cernunnos VA 370-1; BM 926-929

OBVERSE: Facing male Celtic head with horns and antlers or hair, staring eyes and prominnt brows

REVERSE: Muscular bull left with facing head, TINC above and a crescent or 'C' below. pellet below tail

AR unit, 12 mm, 1.20 gm

Cernunnos is a potent male fertility symbol with respect to sexual potency as well as life-giving potency. He is commonly shown holding a torc (a symbol of power and success) and a ram-headed snake (an obvious phallic symbol) with a cornucopia on his lap (a symbol of economic abundance). The bull was likewise a powerful potency symbol in these respects. The combination of these symbols on a coin minted during the height of Tincomaros's rule would have made any Celt proud!

58 of these were amoung the coins found in the hoard at Wanborough, Surray, 1984