cf Van Arsdell 228, cf BM 520-527

OBVERSE: Abstract head right dominated by crescents as eyebrows and pellets as eyes with a corkscrew mouth and lacking a nose. The wreath is represented by elongated pellets and the beard by one or more parallel lines. The bear claws are absent or more likely off the flan.

REVERSE: Horse right, with 3 tails ending in pellets. A large serrated 'hub' is surrounded by a beaded circle above head. An indistinct device is above the tail, perhaps a combinations of a branch and a ringed pellet. The daisy that is usually above the horse in this series is missing.

Rose gold, quarter stater, 1.10 gm, 9mm, gVF

This coin was found in 1995 near Eastbourne, E. Sussex (CCI 96-1654, no others known at the time)