VA 200 Vs VA 1205
Westerham - Chute Transitional Stater?

OBVERSE: Abstracted head of Apollo (Philip II?) right. Laurel leaves point downwards, spike with crescent (hairpin), subtle smile on large mouth and mustache, crescent eyes.

REVERSE: Abstract horse left with crab under horse and a small pellet above. The rider is indicated by 8 or 10 pellets; coffee-bean rump, 2 tails

The Westerham staters of the Atrabetes were the 1st struck in Briton, starting around 75 BCE. They are superficially similar to the Chute type staters of the neighboring Durotriges minted about 10 years later with a very similar design. The usual pellet below the horse was replaced by a 'crab' in the Chute staters which also has a 'bug' or small pellet with legs above the horse. The gold content of the Chute staters was about half that of the Westerham staters. This example has been suggested as a transitional issue between the 2 as it has a crab below, but a pellet above and a low gold content. This is contested. My feeling is that it probably Durotrigian. This stater is also quite light for a Westerham type and more like the later white gold Durotrigian staters which may have a pellet above the horse. This coin is also shown on the Durotriges page.

AV stater, 5.6 gm