VA-2061-1 Cunobeline of the Trinovantes.
Obverse: Hercules holding club and lion skin, CV NO on sides
Reverse: Woman riding 'sidesaddle' on non-equine animal TASCIIOVA around


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The obverse of the coin is similar to a Denarius of C Vibius Varus, RSC Vibia 26, 42 BCE. Due to incomplete copies of this extremely rare coin, the animal on the reverse was thought to be a horse and the woman, Epona and perhaps an early version of the Lady Godiva legend. However, from this example it is clear that the animal is not a horse, but a feline or a canine.

I support the feline interpretation because of the upright rounded ear and relatively short snout. Perhaps it is a panther or leopard. It's head is turned backwards apparently to accept an offering that the woman is holding in her left hand.


Is the reverse similar to any Greek or Roman coins?

Is there an Indo-European myth or a Goddess which would explain the woman, riding a feline (or canine) and offering a treat?

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