Belenus: The Celtic Sun God

Belenus meaning 'bright' or 'brilliant', refers to the Continental Sun-God of the Celts. He is also a healer and associated with healing spings and the healing power of the Sun. The fire festival Beltene is probably related to Belenus. He is Cognate with the Roman god Apollo, their prime Solar deity and also a healer. Often refered to as Apollo-Belenus, pre-Roman inscriptions are known.


The great British chief of the Trinovantes, Cunobeline, the 'Hound of Bel' honored him in the 1st century CE. The image above is taken from a bronze coine of Cunobeline illustrated above. The obverse has a typically Celtic face with oval, staring eyew, prominent brows and a walrus moustache. The hair radiates from around the face like the rays of the sun. The reverse displays a boar, a common Celtic symbol of ferocity, war and hunting as well as of feasting and Celtic hospitality. Great symbols for a Chief who had had to deal, probably successfully, with the increasing Roman influence in the 1st century AD.

The Cult of Belenus
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